180+ Romantic & Cute Valentines Day Gifts For Girlfriend With Images (2024)

It can be really fun yet challenging to find the best and perfect gift for your girlfriend. It doesn’t matter whether you are celebrating your first or second or you have been celebrating Valentine's Day together for years. What matters is picking the right gift for your girlfriend so that you can show her how much you care and love her and how much she means to you.

Here you will find some of the best ideas for gifs to give your girlfriend this Valentine’s Day. As we know Valentine’s Day is the day of love, affection and care for your partner. So give your girlfriend the best gifts and shower her with all the love and care.

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  • Valentines Gifts For Her
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  • Valentines Day Present For Her
  • Valentines Gifts For GF
  • St Valentine Gift For Her
  • Funny Valentines Day Gift Ideas For Girlfriend
  • Cute Valentines Day Gifts Ideas For Girlfriend
  • Romantic Valentines Day Gifts For Girlfriend
  • Video Message Gifts For Girlfriend From Celebrity
  • How To Book A Personalised Celebrity Message For Your Valentine?

Valentines Gifts For Girlfriend

Giving the best gifts on Valentine's Day to your girlfriend is really important. So here are some ideas for Valentine's Day gifts.180+ Romantic & Cute Valentines Day Gifts For Girlfriend With Images (1)

  1. Custom Love Story Book: A book that includes all the significant milestones and memories in your relationship.

  2. Name a Star After Her: This gift is literally out-of-this-world! Name a star after her to make her feel extraordinarily special.

  3. A Spontaneous Weekend Getaway: Plan a surprise trip to her favourite city or a place she's always wanted to visit.

  4. Virtual Cooking Class: A special date where you both can learn to cook your favourite cuisine from a professional chef.

  5. Couples Matching Sleepwear: Cozy, adorable pyjamas for your cosy, adorable love.

  6. Customized Jewelry: A bracelet, necklace, or ring engraved with her name or a special date.

  7. Subscription Box Service: Whether she loves beauty products, books, or gourmet snacks, there’s a perfect subscription box out there for her.

  8. Spa Gift Basket: Pamper her with a luxury spa basket filled with bath bombs, candles, body scrubs, and more.

  9. Personalized Portrait: A hand-drawn portrait of you two can be a beautiful reminder of your bond.

  10. Memory Scrapbook: Document your favourite moments and memories with photos, tickets, notes, and other personal memorabilia.

  11. Heart-shaped Succulent: This is a cute and low-maintenance plant that can brighten up her home.

  12. High-End Makeup Palette: If she's into makeup, a sophisticated eyeshadow palette from a luxury brand will surely impress her.

  13. LED Star Projector: Turn her room into a cosmos of stars and constellations for an incredibly enchanting atmosphere.

  14. Fitness Tracker: If she's a fitness enthusiast, a sleek fitness tracker could be the perfect practical gift.

  15. Designer Scarf: A fashionable and high-quality scarf from her favourite designer.

  16. A Love Letter in a Bottle: A heartfelt, handwritten love letter rolled and tied with a red ribbon, placed in a glass bottle.

  17. Personalized Photo Lamp: A lamp or lantern customized with photographs of your favourite moments together.

  18. Bluetooth Shower Speaker: If she loves to sing in the shower, make her day with a waterproof speaker she can use.

  19. High-Quality Knitting Kit: If she enjoys knitting or wants to start, this could be a thoughtful and practical gift.

  20. ‘Open When’ letters: Write her multiple letters for her to open at different times - when she's feeling sad when she misses you, etc. Each letter shows that you're there for her even when you physically can't be.

Valentines Gifts For Her

Here are some of the Valentine’s Day gifts for your girlfriend that you can use this Valentine's Day.180+ Romantic & Cute Valentines Day Gifts For Girlfriend With Images (2)

  1. Customized Star Map: A beautiful print of the night sky on the exact day and location where you first met or shared a significant moment.

  2. Fragrance Subscription Box: A monthly delivery of hand-picked, luxurious scents that she can try and choose from.

  3. Kindle Paperwhite: Perfect for the book lover who enjoys reading on the go or snuggling up at home.

  4. Themed Date Night In a Box: Curate a box filled with everything needed for a cosy and romantic night spent at home together.

  5. Silk Sleep Set: A luxurious silk pillowcase and eye mask set to pamper her for a good night's sleep.

  6. Personalized Puzzle: A jigsaw puzzle featuring a special photo, quote, or memorable date you share.

  7. Yoga Mat & Online Classes: Give her the gift of wellness with a high-quality yoga mat and a subscription to her favourite online yoga classes.

  8. Monthly Flower Subscription: Brighten her days with beautiful, hand-selected floral arrangements regularly delivered to her door.

  9. Paint Your Own Masterpiece Kit: A paint-by-numbers kit that allows her to create her very own work of art.

  10. A Customized Recipe Book: Compile her favourite recipes or add your own special ones for a truly unique and heartfelt gift.

  11. Stylish Watch: Gift her a timeless and elegant watch that she can wear every day.

  12. Wine Tasting Experience: A local wine tasting or a virtual tasting event for a sophisticated date.

  13. Personalized Tote Bag: A chic, durable tote bag with her initials, name, or a special phrase.

  14. Floating Pearl Necklace: A modern take on a classic gift, featuring a single, eye-catching pearl on a delicate chain.

  15. Aromatherapy Diffuser & Essential Oils: Help her create a soothing atmosphere at home with a stylish diffuser and a selection of calming essential oils.

  16. Gourmet Chocolate-Making Kit: Everything needed to indulge her sweet tooth while learning a new skill.

  17. Wireless Headphones: A pair of high-quality, noise-cancelling headphones so she can enjoy her favourite tunes or podcasts in peace.

  18. Cooking Class with a Chef: Gift her a hands-on culinary experience guided by a renowned chef, either in-person or virtually.

  19. Affirmation Cards: A deck of beautifully illustrated cards featuring positive affirmations to inspire and uplift her daily.

  20. Custom Embroidered Art: Commission an artist to embroider a scene, quote, or design that holds special meaning for her.

Best Valentines Gift For Girlfriend

Giving the best Valentine’s Day gifts to your girlfriend can be really difficult and hectic, don’t worry we have got you covered. Here are some of the best Valentine’s Day gifts for girlfriend180+ Romantic & Cute Valentines Day Gifts For Girlfriend With Images (3)

  1. Custom Song Sound Wave Art: A print featuring the sound wave pattern of your special song with a personalized message.

  2. Monogrammed Robe: A plush robe with her initials monogrammed on it. A luxury she'll enjoy every day.

  3. Astrology Map of First Date Night: A map that captures the alignment of the stars and planets on the night of your first date.

  4. Uncommon Perks Subscription: A subscription service from Uncommon Goods that delivers a box packed with unique and handpicked items.

  5. Date Night Bucket List: A fun collection of ideas for your date nights. You just have to pull one out and see where the night takes you.

  6. Message Bean Plant Kit: This unique gift germinates to reveal a message. It's both surprising and delightful.

  7. Heart-Shaped Umbrella: A cute and practical gift, perfect for romantic walks in the rain.

  8. 3D Printed Moon Lamp: A lamp that not only provides soft light but is also a replica of the moon.

  9. Colouring Book: Personalized fun colouring books with messages of love.

  10. Custom Love Illustration: A custom-made illustration showcasing a memorable scene from her favourite love story.

  11. Temperature-Controlled Smart Mug: A mug that will keep her coffee or tea at the perfect temperature.

  12. Birthstone Bracelet: A dainty bracelet featuring her birthstone.

  13. Luxury Tea Set: A gourmet tea set with assortments of luxury teas from around the world.

  14. Wearable Blanket: A wearable blanket, so she can cuddle in comfort while doing her favourite things.

  15. Pressed Flower Phone Case: A phone case embedded with real dried flowers, making every call a bit more special.

  16. One Line a Day Journal: A diary that encourages her to share a snippet of her day for five years, creating a beautiful keepsake.

  17. Modern Love Poems Book: A collection of modern love poems that she will cherish and read over and over again.

  18. Levitating Plant Pot: Add a touch of magic to her living space with this gravity-defying planter.

  19. Custom Pet Portrait: If she’s a pet lover, transform her furry friend’s picture into a custom piece of art.

Valentines Day Present For Her

Giving presents to your girlfriend is the most important thing on Valentine’s Day so here are some ideas for your perfect present for this Valentine’s Day180+ Romantic & Cute Valentines Day Gifts For Girlfriend With Images (4)

  1. Personalized Wine Bottle: A bottle of her favourite wine with a custom label displaying a special message or date.

  2. Origami-Inspired Jewelry: Unique gold or silver plated jewellery inspired by origami for your sweetheart.

  3. Morse Code Bracelet: A bracelet that spells out a special message or her name in Morse code.

  4. Custom Sound Wave Necklace: This unique piece recreates the sound wave pattern of a phrase that means a lot to her.

  5. Lockdown Love Story Book: Create a book recounting your memories and experiences together during the lockdown period.

  6. Hand-Embroidered Hoop Art: Commission a locally-made, hand-embroidered piece of hoop art featuring something or someone she cherishes.

  7. Virtual Reality Headset: For tech enthusiasts, this is a fun and immersive gift that she'll enjoy using for gaming, movies and more.

  8. Singing Bowl Set: A beautiful, handcrafted singing bowl for meditation and relaxation, complete with a cushion and mallet.

  9. Indoor Smart Garden: An excellent gift for those without a garden but who love fresh herbs or small veggies.

  10. Whiskey Decanter Globe Set: A stylish addition to her bar cart, perfect for girls who appreciate good spirits.

  11. Canvas Tote Bag with Custom Illustration: A useful tote bag with a custom illustration of her favourite city or a meaningful place.

  12. co*cktail Mixology Set: A professional bartending kit that includes all the tools she'll need to make her favourite drinks at home.

  13. Infinity Name Necklace: A lovely piece of jewellery to celebrate the bond you share.

  14. A Leather-bound Journal: Encourage her writing habit with a beautiful journal made of high-quality leather.

  15. Personalized Wine Cork Keeper: A beautiful wooden case or a shadow box to preserve all the wine corks from special occasions.

  16. Macrame Wall Hanging: Boho-style hand-knotted wall decor perfect for a cosy touch in her space.

  17. Geode Candle Holder: Natural agate or amethyst geode turned into a beautiful candle holder adds a warm, natural touch to any space.

  18. Best of Broadway Vinyl LP Set: If she loves music and theatre, this high-quality vinyl set featuring popular Broadway hits would be perfect.

  19. Custom Calligraphy Wall Art: A beautifully calligraphed quote that is significant to her to display in her home.

  20. Pyrography Art Kit: If she enjoys art and crafts, consider a pyrography kit, a hobby that uses heat to create beautiful designs on wood or leather.

Valentines Gifts For Gf

Valentine’s Day is all about love and care, so why not show your love for your gf with a perfect gift?180+ Romantic & Cute Valentines Day Gifts For Girlfriend With Images (5)

  1. Urban Map Glass: A drinking glass featuring a beautifully etched map of her favourite city.

  2. Heart-Shaped Waffle Maker: Surprise her with a fun and romantic breakfast appliance she can use all year round.

  3. Engraved Coordinates Necklace: A necklace featuring the GPS coordinates of where you first met, said "I love you," or shared a special moment.

  4. Charcuterie Board Set: A handcrafted charcuterie board complete with cheese knives and accessories for special at-home date nights.

  5. Vintage-Style Tea Cups: Beautifully designed, vintage-inspired tea cups to elevate your tea time together.

  6. Stargazing Kit: A beginner-friendly telescope with stargazing guides for romantic nights spent gazing at the stars.

  7. Personalized Air Plant Holder: A beautiful and low-maintenance air plant housed in a customized holder.

  8. Secret Message Candle: A scented candle with a hidden message that she'll discover as it burns.

  9. Custom Wood Jigsaw: A meaningful and enjoyable jigsaw puzzle made from a photograph of the two of you.

  10. Engraved Silver Spoon Set: An heirloom-worthy set of antique silver spoons with your initials or a special date.

  11. Eco-Friendly Picnic Set: An environmentally friendly and stylish picnic set for romantic outdoor adventures.

  12. Airline Ticket or Destination Vouchers: Plan something special for the future, with vouchers that can be used for a future trip together.

  13. Memory Jar: Fill a glass jar with handwritten memories, compliments, or future promises. Encourage her to read one note per day.

  14. Hand-Painted Couple Portrait: Hire an artist to create a unique and timeless hand-painted portrait of the two of you.

  15. Sushi Making Kit: A sushi-making kit complete with all the tools and instructions you'll need for a fun night in.

  16. Romantic Hot Air Balloon Ride Voucher: A flight voucher for a romantic adventure in the skies together.

  17. Illuminated Globe: A decorative and educational illuminated world globe, perfect for home decor and planning your future travels.

  18. Hand-stamped Leather Luggage Tag: A high-quality, hand-stamped leather tag bearing her initials to accompany her on her journeys.

  19. Chocolate Tasting Kit: A gourmet kit featuring an assortment of high-quality chocolates for her to enjoy while learning about the art of chocolate tasting.

St Valentine Gift For Her

Valentine's Day also known as Saint Valentine’s Day has been celebrated since middle age as the day for love. So let's show your partner love with the best gift on this day of love.180+ Romantic & Cute Valentines Day Gifts For Girlfriend With Images (6)

  1. Heart Mug Set: A ceramic mug set designed to form a heart when both halves are placed together.

  2. Crystal Healing Set: A curated set of healing crystals, each with unique properties aimed at providing emotional well-being.

  3. Personalized Satin Sleep Set: A luxurious satin sleep set, including a sleep mask and pillowcase, monogrammed with her initials.

  4. Mermaid Tail Blanket: A cosy, beautifully knitted blanket styled to look like a mermaid tail.

  5. Star Map of Your Love: A custom-printed map showing the star alignment from a night that holds special meaning to both of you.

  6. Personalized Scented Candle: A hand-poured candle with a personalized label and her favourite fragrance.

  7. Handcrafted Leather Photo Album: A custom-made leather photo album, is perfect for preserving special memories.

  8. Zen Garden Kit: A miniature Zen garden kit for her desk, perfect for stress relief and encouraging mindfulness.

  9. Mixed Media Art Box Subscription: A monthly arts and crafts subscription filled with various types of mixed media art supplies.

  10. Bespoke Perfume: A unique, tailor-made perfume scent created just for her.

  11. Personalized Edible Cookie Card: A cleverly designed, custom-made edible card made from a giant cookie.

  12. Silk Kimono Robe: A luxurious, 100% silk kimono-style robe for lounging around at home in style.

  13. Custom Engraved Copper Mug: A copper mug engraved with her initials, perfect for her Moscow Mule co*cktails.

  14. Love Messages In a Bottle: Write small, heartfelt messages or memory notes and put them in a beautiful glass bottle.

  15. Decorative Bookends: A pair of artistic bookends that reflect her personal style and passion for reading.

  16. Spinning Heart Messenger: A heart-shaped device that spins for love messages sent from your phone.

  17. Interactive Smart Yoga Mat: A smart yoga mat that offers guidance on positioning and alignment, perfect if she's into fitness.

  18. Designed Palette of Eye Shadows: A high-quality eye shadow palette designed with her favourite colours.

  19. Therapeutic Foot Massager: A heated foot massager to help her relax after a long day.

  20. Fondue Set: A fun, easy-to-set-up fondue set for romantic dessert sharing.

Funny Valentines Day Gift Ideas For Girlfriend

  1. "Partner in Crime" Matching T-Shirts: T-shirts that say "Partner in Crime #1" and "Partner in Crime #2", to wear on your mischievous outings or lazy Sundays.180+ Romantic & Cute Valentines Day Gifts For Girlfriend With Images (7)

  2. Custom Cartoon Portrait: Get a custom cartoon portrait done of you both depicting a funny inside joke that only you two understand.

  3. Jigsaw Puzzle of Your Face: A customized jigsaw puzzle made from a blown-up, perhaps unflattering, picture of your face for her to piece together.

  4. Emergency Chocolate Phone: A faux mobile phone made entirely out of chocolate for those 'emergency' cravings.

  5. “I Tolerate You” Soy Candle: A humorous candle with a "I Tolerate You" label, for when she loves you but could also use a little me-time.

  6. DIY Fortune Cookies: Make homemade fortune cookies with funny predictions or cheeky compliments about your relationship.

  7. “My Girlfriend is Hotter Than My Coffee” Mug: A coffee mug with a sassy declaration of her hotness for her morning brew.

  8. A Jar of “Nothing”: As in, she said she wanted "nothing" for Valentine's Day. Fill a jar with empty promises, puns, and love notes.

  9. The ‘No Need to Share’ Personalized Cake: A mini cake that comes with a fork named after her so you can't claim ignorance about "sharing".

  10. Animatronic Singing Fish with a Love Song: A classic talking fish but it belts out love songs in a serenading but humorous way.

  11. 'Yoda One For Me' Star Wars-Themed Teddy Bear: A Yoda bear holding a heart with a pun-worthy phrase for the Star Wars-loving girlfriend.

  12. Oversized Wine Glass: An enormous wine glass that can technically claim to hold “just one glass of wine”.

  13. A 'This Might Be Wine' Water Bottle: To take to work, the gym, or errands, for a little laugh whenever she sips from it.

  14. Personalizable ‘Reserved For’ Sofa Cushion: A cushion that marks out her favorite spot on the couch with a funny or cheeky message.

  15. 'Her Beastly Snoring' Ear Plugs: A humorous gift set of high-quality earplugs for those nights when her "dainty" snores are anything but.

  16. Custom Bobblehead Dolls: Have custom bobbleheads made of the two of you in an exaggerated, funny pose that she'll find hilarious.

  17. 'Expires On' Temporary Tattoo Set: Give her a laugh with fake temporary tattoos indicating when she should 'dispose' of her not-so-new man.

  18. "Chick Flick" Checklist Poster: A poster featuring all the classic chick flicks with little boxes to humorously check off after she makes you watch each one.

  19. Toilet Paper with Funny Love Notes: Novelty toilet paper that has different funny love notes or drawings on each square.

  20. "Things I Love About You" Toilet Roll: Continually surprise her through the day with this roll where every sheet has a reason why you love her; combine humor with a touch of sweetness.

Cute Valentines Day Gifts Ideas For Girlfriend

Here are some ideas for cute Valentine’s Day gifts for your girlfriend.180+ Romantic & Cute Valentines Day Gifts For Girlfriend With Images (8)

  1. Pastel Artisan Chocolates: A box of pastel-coloured artisan chocolates, handmade with unique flavours.

  2. Custom Embroidered Pets: A creative embroidery of her pet on a linen tote or pillow cover.

  3. Floral Heart Bath Bomb Set: A set of heart-shaped bath bombs infused with fragrant oils and flower petals.

  4. Cuddly Plush Toy: A plush toy of her favourite animal or a character she loves.

  5. Fairytale-Inspired Jewelry: Unique, enchanting pendant inspired by her favourite fairytale.

  6. Hanging Photo Display: A wall display where she can hang photos and notes, complete with cute, handcrafted clips.

  7. Lovebird Planters: A set of cute, ceramic lovebird planters perfect for her favourite indoor plants.

  8. Polaroid Camera Kit: Everything she'll need to start capturing memories in vintage style, including a camera and film.

  9. Custom Zodiac Constellation Print: A customized print of her zodiac sign’s constellation as seen in the night sky.

  10. Dried Flower Phone Case: A phone case decorated with real, hand-selected, dried flowers.
  11. Heart-Warming Pillow: A heart-shaped pillow that can be microwaved for a soothing, warm hug.

  12. Love Letter Blanket: A cosy blanket printed with the sweetest love letter you've ever written to her.

  13. Cute Valentine’s Day Socks: Socks with cute, romantic designs like hearts, lovebirds, or beautiful love quotes.

  14. Personalized Mixtape Pillow: A throwback to old-school romance with a soft pillow in the shape of a cassette tape personalized with a special song or message.

  15. Stylish Coffee Mug Warmer: A cute, compact mug warmer to keep her favourite drinks hot while she works or studies.

  16. Embroidered Constellation Cap: A cap embroidered with a constellation that has a special meaning to her, such as her zodiac sign.

  17. DIY Ice Cream Sundae Kit: A kit filled with her favourite ice cream toppings and everything she needs to make the perfect sundae at home.

Romantic Valentines Day Gifts For Girlfriend

On this day of romance here are some perfect ideas for romantic Valentine’s Day gifts for your lovely girlfriend.180+ Romantic & Cute Valentines Day Gifts For Girlfriend With Images (9)

  1. Capture the Moon: A miniature 3D printed, hand-painted replica of the moon as it appeared on a significant night for both of you.

  2. Love Lyrics Frame: Framed lyrics to a song that holds special meaning in your relationship.

  3. Personalized Sound Wave Art: A piece of artwork displaying the sound wave of your favourite shared song or a spoken "I love you".

  4. Dates Idea Jar: A decorated jar filled with small notes on unique date ideas for the two of you to try.

  5. Love Letter Jewelry: A handcrafted charm or pendant that opens up to reveal a love note.

  6. Lock & Key Bracelet and Necklace: A bracelet for her with a tiny lock, and a necklace for you with the key.

  7. Starry Night Projector Lamp: A night lamp that projects constellations onto the ceiling, recreating a romantic starry night indoors.

  8. Lovers' Wine Glasses: Matching wine glasses with engraving that symbolizes your relationship.

  9. Sound Wave Ring: A ring personalized with the sound wave of your own voice saying "I love you".

  10. Engraved Pocket Watch: A pocket watch with a romantic message engraved in it, a timeless and classic gift.

  11. Personalized Poetry Book: A book of romantic poems, complete with her name on the cover.

  12. Whispering Willow Tree: A willow tree plant that signifies balance, learning, growth, and harmony in love.

  13. Custom Star Map: A beautiful print of the night sky as it appeared on a significant date in your relationship.

  14. Couples Spa Gift Set: A gift set filled with spa essentials for a relaxing and romantic evening at home.

  15. Personalized Music Box: A handcrafted music box that can be customized with her favourite song.

  16. Enchanted Rose: A real preserved rose in a glass dome, a romantic gesture that will last for years.

  17. Pendant with Custom Coordinates: A pendant engraved with the coordinates of a special place in your relationship (where you first met, your first home together, etc).

  18. Vintage Love Letter Handkerchief: A beautifully embroidered handkerchief inscribed with the words of a vintage love letter.

  19. Weekend Getaway: Surprise her with a weekend trip to a romantic destination she's been wanting to visit.

Video Message Gifts For Girlfriend From Celebrity

Giving gifts and going to fancy places on Valentine’s Day is good but why not make it even more special and unique? You can book a video message for your girlfriend from her favourite celebrity wishing her a happy Valentine’s Day on your behalf180+ Romantic & Cute Valentines Day Gifts For Girlfriend With Images (10)

  1. Virtual Love Diary: A compilation of short daily video messages you record over time expressing your thoughts and feelings, leading up to Valentine's Day.

  2. Digital Scrapbook Video: Create a video version of a scrapbook with pictures, clips, and animated text, telling the story of your relationship.

  3. Countdown Messages: Send her a series of video messages that countdown to a special day, with each video expressing a different reason why you love her.

  4. Surprise Guest Compilation: Reach out to her friends and family and compile a video of them saying what they love about her or sharing memories.

  5. Virtual Adventure: Craft a storyline and send her videos of you 'searching' for the perfect gift in various locations, ending with your actual present.

  6. Video Message in a Bottle: Send her a USB in a decorative bottle with a video message that expresses your deepest feelings.

  7. Recipe Tutorial Dedication: Record yourself cooking her favorite meal and dedicate the 'tutorial' to her, with the promise to cook it together soon.

  8. Pet's Point of View: If you share a pet, create a cute video from the pet's point of view expressing love and affection towards her.

  9. Recreate First Date: Make a video reenacting your first date with narration on what you were thinking and feeling at that time.

  10. Custom-Animated Story: Hire an animator to create a short animated story featuring you and your girlfriend as characters.

  11. "Our Song" Lip Sync: Record yourself lip-syncing to "your song" with heartfelt or humorous gestures.

  12. Memory Lane Tour: Record a video in places of significance in your relationship, sharing memories and how much she means to you.

  13. Personalized Music Video: Write a song (or customize the lyrics of her favourite song) and create a music video for it.

  14. Virtual Future Forecast: A playful forecast-style video predicting all the wonderful things the future holds for both of you.

  15. A Day in Life Tribute: Record snippets throughout a day plausibly dedicated to her, showcasing why she's always on your mind.

  16. Crossword Puzzle Reveal: A video of you completing a customized crossword with clues related to your relationship, with the final word revealing a sweet message.

  17. 365 Reasons I Love You: Commit to recording one short video a day with one reason why you love her, and present it after a year.

  18. Choose-Your-Adventure Video Series: Create a series of short videos where she gets to make choices that lead to different romantic scenarios or endings.

  19. Karaoke Dedication: Record a karaoke session of you singing tunes she loves, dedicating each song to her with a personal message.

  20. Promises and Vows Video: A heartfelt video where you make and renew promises, and vows, or express lifelong commitments in a ceremonial way.

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